About US

Basic contact information and the information’s about the PleyF.com

  • 14 July 2022
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About US

This site consists of personal author content and is completely original. If you see an article/image/video/link in the content that you do not want or are uncomfortable with, you can contact us without hesitation and report it. Also, if you see that our site has been copied to another site and our content has been stolen, please let us know.

Contact us: admin@pleyf.com

You can send an e-mail to this address and get a response within 24 hours at the latest.

As PleyF, we care about your privacy on our site and declare that all necessary precautions have been taken. On the site, apart from current news, you can also find useful recipes, cryptocurrency explanations and news, career paths, and blog articles from almost all categories.

Attacks or spam activities on the site are monitored and legal proceedings will be initiated against those who exhibit these behaviors. Pleyf is a WordPress-themed website that publishes completely legally, securely, and in accordance with the law.


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