How to Open Outlook Account? [Easiest Ways]

  • 14 July 2022
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How to Open Outlook Account? [Easiest Ways]

How to Open Outlook Account?


The question of how to open an Outlook account is constantly asked by many people. Many different alternative Outlook accounts appear when opening. When registering, it is necessary to have a specific address or phone number. In addition, it is easy to register an Outlook account with different language options. All e-mail services are accessible after registration as reliable, free, and fast.


Easy Way to Open Outlook Account Updated

Hotmail to outlook

Hotmail accounts can turn automatically into outlook accounts

Nowadays, an e-mail account is required in many places. It is especially requested in job applications, messaging, and other social media accounts. However, sometimes these accounts can be requested from users in various application channels. When opening an Outlook account, first, it is necessary to enter the official address of ‘’. An unused address is required to open an account. In this way, you can have a unique and personal address.


How To Open Outlook Account Steps


The ‘‘ address opens without any problems. Then the sign-up button appears immediately. Here, information such as name, surname, address, age, and telephone number can be requested from the user. The blanks with the ‘*’ symbol next to them must be filled in. Afterward, ‘SMS’ can usually be sent to the phone number for confirmation. In addition, a second mailing address is recommended to receive the recovery code.

Open an Outlook

There are several ways to open an outlook account

Opening Outlook Account Online

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Outlook is constantly recommended as one of the most reliable email addresses. Up to 20 GB of storage space is also given free of charge. After filling in the required fields when opening a mail account, direct access to the account is opened. In addition, all these services are provided free of charge. Free e-mail sending and receiving is provided. Today, millions of people use these accounts when applying for a job. In fact, while trading, conversations are usually made through these mail addresses.


How to Open and Register an Outlook Account


A password is required when opening the account. Many users may encounter problems while setting a password. Generally, the condition is to use uppercase letters, lowercase letters and one number. For this reason, users may have problems setting up a password while registering. In addition, there are numbers and letters in the verification code section at the bottom. These must be entered correctly, and free space must be written. After that, an Outlook account is opened completely free of charge.

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